"​Dr Val has been able to clear up the inflammation in my bowel by giving me supplements to support those areas that were compromised. I completely took milk and gluten out of my diet. I’ve done the 21 day purification for detoxing and am feeling great. My body is testing strong and I’m only on a few supplements now, for general health support."

- Happy Patient

"Dr. Valerie has been instrumental in helping me improve my health over the past 10 years. When I injured my neck in a triathlon training accident she was vital in getting my neck mobility back. I can now turn left and right and look up and down without restriction and pain. Plus I would train in jiu-jitsu and weight lifting and she has helped me countless times when I've injured myself with therapy and exercises to complete my journey to get back to my old pre-injured self. I will miss having Dr. Valerie here to help me out but who ever gets her is lucky to have her services to keep them in shape."

- Jay

"I started experiencing extreme sciatic pain during my pregnancy. Nothing was helping, I tried physical therapy, hot/cold packs, endless rounds of Tylenol. Finally after seeing Dr. Valerie, I started to feel relief and eventually my sciatic pain went away after regular visits. "

- Happy Patient

"Dr. Valerie Cachola always listened to my complaints and her treatments were very helpful. She was on time, her office is cheery and clean. It's a pleasure to walk through the door."-

  • - Mary

"Thank you Dr. Val for all your help...for getting my body back in shape and for sharing Yoli to your patients and supporting our friends. Please stay safe and wish your family well on your future endeavors. Hope our paths will cross again. "

- Patrick

"I originally came to Valerie because of back, neck and shoulder pain from carrying and nursing my son. Over the years I've had several times that I've injured my back and recently my hip. Each time Valerie was so thorough in evaluating me and treating me. I always had pain relief after each visit. Valerie is gentle and kind and extremely knowledgeable."

- Andrea

"I am 68 yrs old..I have been seeing chiropractors most of my adult life for relief of lower back pain..the adjustments have helped me tremendously...Dr.Cachola has her own unique way of doing adjustments with a activator tool..her method is very gentle and achieves very similar results as a physical adjustment..I recieved many treaments from her with very positive results...relieving my back pain each time."

- Robert

"I had neck and back pain which sometimes lead to vertigo. Dr. Valerie Cachola's care helped with all of that so that I can live my life."

- Nancy

"Dr. Cachola was great at listening to the problem. She started a treatment plan which helped me increase mobility and reduce pain."

- Tom

"I love Dr. Cachola's holistic approach and have benefitted by my office visits and nutritional supplements and vitamins that have been recommended to me for improved health and nutrition. Thank you!"

- Happy Patient

"I first saw Dr. Val because I could not open my mouth wide enough for important dental work. After one adjustment, my jaw/neck/shoulder area began to change noticeably. The next day I could open my mouth all the way, and there was less pain where the inflammation was. I established care for general wellness, so did the full intake exam. After the next adjustment, I am feeling significantly more comfortable in my entire posture, especially the upper body. I can see how correcting my posture can make a big difference in my feeling of well-being. I'm delighted to be a new patient. Dr. Val is very quiet and calm, and clearly knows what she is doing. Her office and treating rooms are extraordinarily calm, pleasant, clean, orderly places. Dr. Val's sanitation procedures are impeccable. Highly recommend!!!"

- Lisa

"Dr. Valerie is excellent, very compassionate and knowledgeable. She helped me so much with my back and leg pain and I am very grateful for her expertise."

- Diane